Each year over 170 companies and 4,500 people participate in the United Way of Yellowstone County's Annual Campaign and promote philanthropy in our community. The Annual Campaign is our fundraising campaign in the fall when local companies, employees, and individuals give back to our local community by donating to United Way  and the biggest issues in Yellowstone County. Companies give through corporate gifts and payroll matching as well as host special events. Individuals give in a variety of ways including online giving, legacy giving, through the workplace, stocks and more.

Learn more about what we can accomplish when we work together below and please visit Our Work page. And check out our Giving Infographic with details on the impact your dollars per pay period can make!

If you are interested in learning more Campaign and how to get involved, please contact Teal Whitaker, Campaign Manager at or by phone (406) 272-8504. 

The Power of One

United Way is the power of one, multiplied by many. 
The power of one book to help a child learn their first words and prepare for school.
The power of one car to get a family to school and work.
The power of one mentor to offer a safe place to learn, even after the last school bell rings. 
The power of one diploma to start a graduate on a path to success.
The power of one donor, one advocate, one volunteer engaged with United Way of Yellowstone County.
Your one gift can help change a life. It starts with you. 
1 in 5 Billings Public School students did not graduate with their class in 2015.
A  high school dropout is 12 years in the making. Young children who enter kindergarten unprepared can become a third grader who cannot read, which is a strong predictor for future school success. Without the support they need, each year about 200 students in our community don’t make it to graduation. 
95 by 2025… Our Ten Year Plan
All our work at United Way of Yellowstone County is aimed at one goal, reducing poverty in our community. And our community has told us the best way we can do that is to make sure our children enter school ready to learn and have the tools they need to make it all the way to graduation. So we’re are embarking on a 10 year plan to help more children succeed and, ultimately, reduce poverty in our community. We want to see 95% of children in Yellowstone County graduating with their class by 2025. 
We’re creating solutions and a path to success for ALL children, regardless of their circumstances by:  
Securing mentors who help parents break cycles of abuse.
Increasing early literacy skills by providing books to children ages 0 to 6.
Building the capacity of out of school time programs to serve more students.
Matching at-risk students with caring, responsible adults that can support them in making positive choices.
Providing basic needs supports for families, such as transportation, housing, and food. 
The goal of 95 by 2025 is big and complex, and we need your help to accomplish it. We aim to get all children the support they need to be ready for school, to read on grade level by third grade, to graduate, and to succeed in life. Creating a thriving community takes commitment, coordination and individual engagement. You are a vital part of this work. 
You can help improve lives by giving what you can, being a champion when you advocate for our cause, and volunteering your time and talent.