Collective Impact Summit

On January 26, 2017, United Way of Yellowstone County convened a group of stakeholders that have been fighting for economic, physical, and mental health for Yellowstone County youth. There were representatives from Best Beginnings of Yellowstone County, Graduation Matters Billings, Graduation Matters Laurel, Graduation Matters Lockwood, The Education Foundation for Billings Public Schools, the Yellowstone County Youth Crisis Network, Healthy By Design, Billings Out of School Time, Billings Works, MSU-Billings, Rocky Mountain College...

Liz Weaver, the Acting President of The Tamarack Institute, led the group through a conversation about whether it would make sense in our community to adopt a “cradle to career” Collective Impact Framework that would connect the dots between many of our efforts.
  • Would this move us from incremental to substantial change?
  • What is the difference between what we have now and collective impact?
  • What would be the challenges?  The benefits?
  • Cradle to Career Dreaming Powerpoint

CONSENSUS:  It is a worthwhile concept to pursue, one step at a time.

1) Identify missing stakeholders
2) Clarify purpose and structure
3) Invite participation

We believe that UNITED our community can win the fight.
Contact Kristin Lundgren, United Way of Yellowstone County Director of Impact, to get involved.