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Issue Priority:  School Readiness

The link between education and economic success is well documented.  If children are successful in school they will earn more income and be less likely to need social services.  The United Way of Yellowstone County has prioritized the issue of school readiness because it is a “tipping point” issue with the ability to impact all our goals.  All the solutions UWYC works on promote


  • The number of children in poverty in Yellowstone County increased from 17% to 21% between 2000 and 2010.
  • Children in poverty are less likely to receive all the supports they need to be successful in school.
  • If a child does not have support for healthy development at an early age, the child is more at risk for dropping out of school, committing crime, and receiving welfare payments as an adult.



Children are able to grow physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually to their potential by having:

1.  On-going relationships with caring adults.
2. Safe places and activities, especially during non-school hours, where young people can learn and grow
3. Effective Education
4. Opportunities to give back to the community through service
5. Are healthy and avoid risky behaviors

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