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2018 Cat vs. Griz Food Drive!

We are continually amazed by the kindness and generosity of our community! Throughout October and November local businesses collected non-perishable foods and today we wrapped up our annual Cat vs. Griz food drive by distriubting the items to schools and agencies in our communities.

Now, we're not claiming to have had any impact on the outcome of the Brawl of the Wild... But, for those of you who are supersitious, or even a little stitious, take a look at these results:


Here is a brief recap of the 2018 Bobcat/Grizzly Food Drive:

  • 17 companies donated food
  • 4 school districts (Canyon Creek; Laurel Public; Lockwood School District; Shepherd Schools) and 3 agencies (Friendship House; Explorers Academy; Tumbleweed Program) received donated food items.
    •  Donated food items will help ensure that students and their families have enough food for the Holiday season.
  • 25 delivery volunteers from Alternatives, Inc., Arrowhead Elementary, NOSC Billings (Navy Operations), and Stockman Bank met at the United Way office to deliver Cat/Griz food items. The Laurel branch of Western Security Bank also delivered items to South Elementary in Laurel that was then distributed throughout their district.
  • Total donation amount: 87 boxes & 57 stand-alone items (big boxes of ramen; etc.) of food!

Take a look at the Cat/Griz Food Drive story map that Dean, our data analyst, put together!

We were incredibly impressed with the 5th graders at Arrowhead Elementary who organized their school-wide collection drive, including giving a presentation to every classroom! Way to go! Check out what they have to say about the experience: Arrowhead Food Drive.

To see all of the pictures from this year's drive, head on over to our Facebook page

Thank you again to all the participants who made this year's drive a success!