Denise DeMars

Accounting Associate
(406) 272-8512

Denise started at UWYC in June of 2019 as the Accounting Associate. She takes care of enrollment and billing for CARE Academy including keeping up all records to date for the students attending CARE. She also assists the Finance Director with small accounting duties when needed. Denise has learned that with life's downs, there are always ups. She is always looking around the corner for the ups because she knows they are there.

Q&A with Denise

If you could send a note to yourself in 2030, what would it say?

Instead of worrying about saving money all the time for your old age, you should have enjoyed while you could.

What gives you hope?


What is your favorite place on earth?

At home with loved ones

What's the greatest gift we can give one another?

Time and presence with a caring attitude

What's the greatest gift we can give ourselves?

Faith, forgiveness and vulnerability

Who is one person that has changed your life?

My fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Anderson