Joanne Peabody

Community Volunteer

Joanne Peabody is retired from Wells Fargo and most recently has been employed with the 2020 Census Bureau. She has been actively engaged with UWYC volunteer efforts for many years and has also volunteered with the American Heart Association for 9 years, holding various titles.

Q&A with Joanne

What is your go-to motivational/pump-up song?

I don't know the name but if I hear it - I love it. It's played at the beginning of football and basketball events. It's more of a chant put to music.

What gives you hope?

All the amazing individuals that work so long and hard to create a better country, state, community and neighborhood.

What the world needs now is....

hope, strength, and a covid-19 vaccine.

What is your favorite place on Earth?

At my home, with my family.

Is there anything else you want to share about yourself?

Every day is a blessing and I'm so grateful for every opportunity I've had to support a better environment and way of life for us all. VOTE!