Kristie Jessup, Secretary

Community Volunteer

Kristie joined the UWYC board June 2017 and is the current Board Secretary.

Since joining the UWYC Board, she has assisted with organizing Community Baby Showers, Best Beginnings telephone out reach program and the 2020 Volunteer Day activity. She sits on the Advisory Council, Executive Committee and is the Chair of the Nominating and Ordinance Committee. Prior to this, she and her husband have always supported the UW and participated in Day of Caring activities in the various communities that they have lived in.

Kristie and her family have also volunteered at the Billings Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity and Big Sky Senior Services. Kristie is currently serving as a Billings Food Bank Board Member as well.

Q & A with Kristie

The high school that I attended had the exciting rite of passage of having hockey jerseys made for the graduating class. The jerseys sported the school logo on the front and were personalized on the reverse. When I became a Senior, I had the Trooper song: "Here For a Good Time, Not a Long Time" emblazed on the back. Fast forward many years and this line is still very poinent to me; perhaps even more so! Having lived in many communities in North America I am reminded that I can make a difference when I am RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW each and every day!

Change .... although this can also feel uncomfortable and at times downright scary, there is something very invigorating about a new start. I have a strongly rooted belief that all human beings are capable of evolving and this drives me forward in affecting positive change in myself and others.

I am a "retired" social worker.