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Issue Priority:  Financial Stability

United Way Worldwide has set an income goal to reduce the number of low-wage working families who are unstable. 


  • In 2010 16% of individuals in Yellowstone County were below poverty.
  • In the past year basic needs organizations in Yellowstone County have seen large increases in the numbers of individuals seeking food, shelter, and other forms of assistance such as rent assistance.
  • To decrease dependence on emergency assistance, UWYC and its partners are committed to long term solutions which address underlying causes of poverty such as lack of education, mental health problems, and lack of financial management skills.


Individuals and families, including the aging, disabled and other vulnerable populations, are able to maintain their physical, emotional, economic and social well-being through strategies focused on:

1. Provide emergency access to basic needs.
2. Connecting people to resources for longer term solutions.
3. Eliminating barriers to achieving and sustaining economic self sufficiency and independence.
4. Providing access to care and support to promote and maintain physical and mental well-being.
5. Opportunities for involvement and social integration to help reduce social isolation, maintain maximum functioning and community integration.

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