CARE Academy


Summer CARE Academy 2016 is FULL and is not accepting applications.

Fall CARE Academy 2016-2017 Forms:

Parent Handbook

Application and Additional Forms

Throughout the school year enrolled children learn and play in our six safe environments

Questions?  Please contact Mark Lambott (406) 281-5939 or email at

CARE Site Schools:

Big SkyBoulder, BurlingtonCentral Heights (a.m. only)Highland, and Meadowlark

Satellite Schools:

Limited busing is available for K-3 students  from the following satelite schools to site schools: Arrowhead to Boulder; Broadwater, McKinley, Miles Avenue, Rose Park and Washington to Highland; and Central Heights to Meadowlark.

School Year Program Information:

CARE Academy is available for elementary school-age children (grades K-6) who are currently enrolled as students in schools where the program is offered. 

The daily program at CARE Academy is dedicated to providing a setting and schedule which is more “home-like” than “school-like.”  The children in the program already spend many hours in school each day.  After school, children need some time to relax or rest, and to stretch their bodies as well as their minds.  The setting needs to provide a “fun place to be.”  Children must look forward to going there each day.  The space and materials are stimulating for school age children.  

The program goals are to provide a safe and caring environment for all children in CARE Academy with a variety of educational and recreational activities.

The key elements are:  (1) Homework help/academic assistance and educational games; (2) Physical activity including a variety of sports and age-appropriate games; (3) Enrichment activities ranging from arts & crafts to music; (4) Finally, just “free time” for children to pursue their favorite interests. 

Hours for the School Year are from 6:45 am to the start of school and from class dismissal to 6:00 pm.

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CARE Site Phone Numbers:

  • Big Sky (406) 850-4457

  • Boulder (406) 850-4456

  • Burlington (406) 850-2921

  • Central Heights (406) 281-6209

  • Highland (406) 850-4454

  • Meadowlark (406) 850-4455