Big Sky Senior Services

United Way of Yellowstone County and Big Sky Senior Services have partnered on the prevention of elder abuse and the Senior Helping Hands program.

FY Year 2019 Outcomes

Prevention of Elder Abuse

  • 98 clients received 376 hours of Payee Services.
    • Over 575 bills paid per month
  • 98 clients received 2,248 hours of case management services
    • Applications for renter’s credit, LIAPP, SNAP, etc.
    • $18,450 in financial assistance ~ $188 per payee.
  • 7 educational trainings on elder abuse were provided 
  • An average of 13 wards received oversight by 11 volunteer guardians
    • Monthly visits
    • 172 hours of service.
  • Clients were contacted weekly to insure they were living safe and free from abuse.
    • Any potential risks were minimized when identified.  

Senior Helping Hands

  • 66 new clients and 96 existing clients received safety checks and an evaluation of their living conditions.
  • 142 clients received 3,639 hours of in home service
    • homemaking, laundry, grocery shopping, food preparation.
  • 11 clients received 359 hours of personal care service
    • bathing and respite.
  • 43 clients received 324 hours of nursing services
    • medication setup, checking of vital signs, communication with physicians with any concerns.
  • Caregivers received training monthly covering CPR/First Aid, Skilled check list, HIPPA & Blood Borne Pathogens.
    • Caregivers reported 22 incidents
    • The nurse conducted follow up phone calls and made recommendations for future safety. 
  • An average of 16 volunteers provided 1141 hours of service to 16 homebound seniors.
  • A total of 261 clients were able to remain living in their homes due to the services offered through Senior Helping Hands.
  • 16 clients received a visit at least monthly from a friend volunteer.
    • 354 volunteers provided 1,273 hours of services for special projects such as Christmas gift delivery, Spring and Fall yard cleanup and fundraising.

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