Alternatives used Go Grant funds to purchase iPads and educational apps for Mothers erolled in the Passages program to interact with their child(ren) during visists. 

About Passages

  • Alternatives believes that public safety is improved when prison inmates and other offenders are reintroduced to the community through structured programs
    • Treatment services
    • Assistance in locating employment
    • 24-hour a day supervision
    • Case management.
  • The Passages Program, located at 1001 South 27th Street, offers services to female clients. 
  • This facility houses the pre-release center, assessment/ revocation/ sanction center, and inpatient treatment center and has a capacity of 175 bed spaces.

Family Re-Unification

  • Work toward re-unification with their families and childrenis equally as important as re-introducing women to the community. 
    • The process begins that visitation with their children. 
  • Positive visitation sessions are encouraged through the use of iPads and educational apps
    • Moms work together on their children on school projects. 
    • Empower the mother to feel she is part of their childrens' education
    • Re-establishes trust and positive relations 

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