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Financial Stability Success Stories

Safe At Home

Meet Lola, a vibrant, carefree and young spirited  91 year old who shares her home with an adorable companion animal named Peanuts.  Lola enjoys her independence and is excited to get "dolled up" for an opportunity to share her life story.  After a devastating loss of her life long solemate in 2011, Lola moved to Montana to be closer to her daughter.  In the process of relocation and getting aquainted with her new surroundings, she was grateful to connect with the program which now visits weekly to help out with light housekeeping and chores around her apartment. 

Lola spent many years riding on the back of a Harley Davidson and is considered an Honorary Family member to a well recognized establishment in Maine called Bentley's.  The young spirited Lola  shares her love of living with many fellow bikers in Maine and speaks with an unending smile about the family she left behind on the East Coast.   This year she is hopeful, as in years past, that she will be able to make the trip to celebrate her birthday with the "family" she left.    

"I enjoy my independence and the fact  I can have my puppy and drive my own car. "

Helping seniors live independent not only improves their quality of life, it also provides long-term cost benefits to the greater community.  The assistance provided to keep seniors,such as Lola in their own apartments, offers light housekeeping services as well as providing assistance to those who are no longer able to perform all the tasks that daily living requires. 


United Way of Yellowstone County Funded Agency:  Big Sky Senior Services