Tiered Attendance Support

An image of the three tiers of Attendance Support, starting from Tier 1 (engaging school climate, relationships with families and students, absence impact and data, attendance recognition, and common barriers), followed by Tier 2 (personalized outreach, action plan for barriers, and caring mentors), and finally Tier 3 (coordinated school response and the last resort of legal intervention).

Source: Attendance Matters


Attendance Works suggests developing support in these 5 areas:


A 5-square grid with A. (Recognize Good and Improved Attendance) on the top left, B. (Engage Students and Parents) in the top right corner, C. (Monitor Attendance Data and Practice) on the bottom right, D. (Provide Personalized Early Outreach) on the bottom left, and E. (Develop Programmatic Response to Barriers as needed) in the middle.



United Way of Yellowstone County has created these logos so schools can customize informational campaigns to educate families about good attendance benchmarks.

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