UWYC and YWCA have partnered to ensure quality childcare and transition services for individuals leaving domestic and sexual violence situations. 

Outcomes During FY 19 Grant Cycle

Child Center

  • 43% (40) of children enrolled in YWCA’s Child Center received tuition assistance to make childcare more affordable. 
  • 100% (92) of children enrolled in the Child Center are served two healthy meals and one snack daily.
  • 88% (35) of families who received financial assistance have had their children enrolled in the program for a minimum of six months.

Transitional Services

  • YWCA Billings provided 9,586 nights of safe shelter to 156 adults and 130 children. 
  • Victims of domestic and sexual violence received 506 units of transportation assistance.
    • During the second half of the year many of our participants had vehicles so our units of transportation assistance were lower than expected. 
  • Fifty-one victims of domestic and sexual violence received 331 hours of professional mental health counseling. 
  • One hundred forty-four individuals secured safe, permanent housing after receiving assistance from YWCA’s case management and housing programs.

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