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Natalia Lives United

Every morning Natalia wakes up with a smile on her face and a heart full of love for her beautiful little girl.  Natalia’s dreams of being a high school graduate have come true and its all due in part from the great guidance she received while transitioning from being an average 17 year old to a dedicated young mother. 

  “Not only did the program offer me support as a young mother and senior in high school, it also provides guidance for goals I can set with my infant daughter for her success.”  

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Safe At Home

Meet Lola, a vibrant, carefree and young spirited  91 year old who shares her home with an adorable companion animal named Peanuts.  Lola enjoys her independence and is excited to get "dolled up" for an opportunity to share her life story.

"I really appreciate the housekeeping help, they are just wonderful"

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