Carol Burton, President, CEO Announces Her Retirement

At the August 22, 2019 United Way of Yellowstone County Board Meeting, CEO Carol Burton announced her plans to retire on March 31, 2020.  Carol has served as CEO of the United Way for nearly 22 years. 
The Board expressed its sincere gratitude for Carol’s unwavering commitment to the community, her strong leadership, and her many selfless contributions to the United Way throughout her tenure with the organization. 
Burton shared with the Board,” In the spring of 1998, I came to Billings with my husband, Mike, and with the dream that I could impact Yellowstone County as the President, CEO of United Way. Upon our arrival to a new community, we were quickly embraced by the leadership of United Way and we were shown kindness and generosity that still moves us today. The spirit of community was alive in Billings in 1998 and we were the grateful recipients of its charm.
During my twenty plus years in this community, I have witnessed people of diverse backgrounds showing up with an authentic aspiration to care for others. Caring is in the fabric of Billings and how we chose to express our core value of loving our neighbor.
I work in an industry that holds in high esteem the terms gift and investment. Yet, I have been the benefactor of your investment in me and the recipient of your gifts. To know you were beside me investing in our success and cheering me on with your enthusiasm for our work inspired me to be a leader worthy of this organization. “
“Carol’s passion for this community and the United Way has brought meaningful change to the lives of so many.  She is leaving a lasting legacy and very big shoes to fill.  We look forward to carrying her passions and commitment well into the future,” said Karla Stauffer Board Chair.   The Board will begin the search for a new CEO very soon.